Monday, 5 November 2012

Hanan El-Amin Muddathir tells us about her organisation's plans for Keep Your Promises Hearings in Sudan!

Sudan has signed and committed to achieve the MDGs, and have committed to the eThekwini Declaration and Sharm el Sheikh Declaration. However, indicators show that, despite efforts to reach people with water, sanitation, and hygiene in all of Sudan especially in the rural areas, these commitments are mostly still off track.

On World Toilet Day 2012, the Environmental Initiative Organization for Sustainable Development will be taking part in Keep Your Promises and organising Hearings. These Hearings will be a series of meetings with the Technical Advisory Committee in water and sanitation, municipalities and media actors to introduce the Keep Your Promises campaign and raise awareness of the commitments our government and other decision makers have made.

There will also be a workshop on World Toilet Day organised by civil society organisations and targeting a number of different stakeholders. At this workshop, issues of concern will be highlighted to the media, the public and decision and policy makers. The Keep Your Promises petition will also be circulated at this workshop.

Over the past few months, Random Assessment surveys have been conducted to find out the number of open defecation areas in North Kordofan State and Monitoring visits have been carried out to discover the number of drainage & sewage treatment stations, and domestic discharge systems in Khartoum State. In this way, we are monitoring the progress our government is making to keep its commitments and ensuring that decision makers know they will be held to account on promises.

Our message to the decision and policy makers: Please Keep Your Promises, and be committed enough. CSOs and the public have the right to hold you accountable.  So let us all work together for better decision making and sustainable development.

Hanan El-Amin Muddathir
Chairperson for Environmental Initiative Organization for Sustainable Development (EnvI), Sudan

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