Wednesday, 4 April 2012

World Walks for Water and Sanitation in Madagascar

World walks for Water and Sanitation in Madagascar by The World Walks For Water and Sanitation

Edith Veromaminiaina is the Diorano-WASH Secretariat and Research Officer through WaterAid Madagascar. Here she tells us all about their exciting Walks for Water and Sanitation all over the country!

70% of Malagasy people live in rural areas, where less than 34% have access to safe drinking water. In Southern Madagascar in particular, the population faces a serious water problem and people must walk through the night just to fetch dirty water. To demand a change to this, we joined with our partners across Madagascar to Walk for Water and Sanitation!

For the World Walks for Water and Sanitation 2012 we organised 6 walks, in the capital and five other regions of Madagascar, with three walks taking place on World Water Day 22nd March, and three walks two days later on the 24th March. Participants included local civil society organisations working on water, sanitation and hygiene issues, private sector representatives, local scouts groups and national and international institutions. In the capital, Antananarivo, representatives of the government, including the Ministries of Water and Sanitation, Education and Health also joined our walk, during which the Minister for Water and Sanitation made a speech declaring the government’s commitment to develop the WASH sector to meet the needs of the entire Malagasy population! After the walk, a panel discussion was held with the Association of hydraulic engineers followed by an exhibition. Our regional walks also garnered much coverage from local radio making the campaign a success across the whole of Madagascar!

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