Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sector Ministers Meet today to prepare for tomorrow’s Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting!

Ministers responsible for Water and Sanitation, Environment and Health from 38 countries in Africa and Asia are meeting today at the Sector Ministers Meeting in Washington ahead of tomorrow's High Level Meeting.

This meeting is the sector ministers' opportunity to bring together their national and regional plans to discuss with civil society representatives ways to increase access to clean water and sanitation and improve WASH sector performance through increased investment and better targeting of aid to those most affected by the water and sanitation crisis.

Today's discussions will result in a joint ministerial statement to be presented to the Finance and Development Ministers in attendance at tomorrow's High Level Meeting, outlining their requests for donors and other ministers, which will include political and budgetary prioritisation of WASH, better targeting of resources, improved sector management and accountability, as well as their own commitments to ensure the achievement of these goals.

More information on what the sector ministers are already planning to ask for at the High Level Meeting tomorrow is available here, with more updates following the outcome of today's meeting and tomorrow's High Level Meeting still to come!

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