Thursday, 22 March 2012

World Walks for Water and Sanitation celebrations in Andhra Pradesh!

Hilda Grace is President of CRSD ATP in Andhra Pradesh, India. Here she tells us about their exciting achievements for the World Walks for Water and Sanitation Campaign!

On 20th March we held a highly successful meeting with 160 WATSAN committee members and community leaders from Anantapur district in celebration of World Water Day, discussing the need for legislation to guarantee Indian citizens their right to Water and Sanitation!

This exciting meeting built upon the success of our Walk for Water and Sanitation Rally on 12th February, where over 1,500 members of the rural, mainly dalit communities of Anantapur district united in Anantapur city, Andhra Pradesh demanding legislation for the essential right to Water and Sanitation! Our Water and Sanitation demands were put forward in combination with our demand for an increase in the minimum wage, allowing us to successfully involve a greater number of people in Water and Sanitation issues.

A week after our rally, the Government of Andhra Pradesh passed an order increasing wages in the rural employment scheme, giving us high hopes for future success as the result of our campaign for water and sanitation!

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