Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Walking for water and sanitation in Marseille!

End Water Poverty are at the World Water Forum in Marseille! And it's a great opportunity for Olivier and Sarah, our two newest secretariat staff members, to meet some of our members and partners.

The World Water Forum is huge and it would be easy to get lost and so we were pleased to attend a pre-Forum session run by the Butterfly Effect yesterday at which we met lots of other NGOs and CSOs including some of our members and partners. The Butterfly Effect is a global coalition that aims to ensure that NGOs and CSOs have the most meaningful and effective presence during the World Water Forum - and make sure that we all get our voices heard.

Yesterday afternoon, they held a press conference which was a great opportunity for civil society to get their messages across about how they want to see the lack of clean water and adequate sanitation addressed. These messages will be available online soon.

Immediately after this press conference, came our Walk for Water and Sanitation! Many people said this was the highlight of their day!! It was energetic, fun and very noisy! We walked right through the inside of the Forum hall and around the whole of the courtyard area shouting 'taps and toilets for all' and singing and dancing! Lots of people took our photos and we had good deal of attention from journalists - so we will be looking out for ourselves in the World Water Forum news this week! A big thanks to everyone who joined us!

Are you organising a Walk for Water and Sanitation? Make sure you tell us about it by registering at http://www.worldwalksforwater.org/eng/real_walks/index . It's not too late to get involved! And, if you don't have time to organise a walk, why not walk in solidarity by joining in online: http://www.worldwalksforwater.org/eng/participators/join .

Keep an eye on this blog to read more from the World Water Forum and to see more photos of Walks for Water and Sanitation as the campaign kicks off this Saturday 17th March!

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