Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pakistan walks for water and sanitation!

Seema Zahid is a High School teacher in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Pakistan, who also works as a Town Education Officer. Here she tells us all about the exciting walks she organised for the World Walks for Water and Sanitation campaign.

I have been working on water conservation in my city for five years and so this year we decided to celebrate World Water Day in our town to spread awareness about water conservation in the community. Four schools in my town decided to organise a walk in their community.

Our first walk was at Govt. Boys Secondary School, Manik, Shantinagar. In this school 50 students took part in the walk along with 25 of their teachers. They walked 1Km and distributed water facts and water conservation tips to the households in their community.

On the same day, the Boys Secondary School, Whitehall, walked through their community with 65 students and teachers distributing pamphlets with water facts and water conservation tips.

These two schools are located in the under privileged area of Karachi where the residents are facing problems of unavailability of water, yet the majority of them work as housemaids, waterman, gardeners and in other capacities in the upper-class areas of the city, where people waste water on a daily basis.

GBSS Sharfabad also organized a walk in an upper-class area of this city. The residents of this area have big bungalows with large gardens. They water these gardens and wash their cars, wasting large quantities of water. In this walk, more than 100 students and teachers participated and we walked one and a half kilometres. Water facts and other literature was distributed for community awareness.

75-100 students of GBSS Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block No. 6 also joined the World Walk for Water and Sanitation on the 9th February 2012, walking approximately 1 kilometre around their school with their teachers, distributing literature on the water and sanitation crisis. The students of GBSS Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block No. 6 also organized a science exhibition on the theme of water conservation on the same day and the student of GBSS Manik, GBSS Whitehall, and GBSS Sharfabad also participated in this exhibition with their projects.

Approximately 250 students and 50 teachers of 6 schools in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal campus visited this exhibition. Teachers assisted students in preparing models, charts, slogans and banners for the science exhibition and the water conservation awareness walk in the community. Hisaar Foundation also supported our campaign activities by providing water facts and water conservation guidelines.



great , we need teachers like this,

Seema Zahid said...

Its so exciting to be a part of a world campaign. Next year we'll try to do more and will present what we have achieved in the past year.
Water is life-Save water-Save life.