Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sarah Blakemore is the International Campaign Coordinator for End Water Poverty

Happy World Water Day and congratulations to everyone who has organized and joined the World Walks for Water! There are now walks taking place in over 60 countries highlighting the global strength of feeling about water and sanitation and giving world leaders a clear mandate for action, just weeks before the high-level meeting on water and sanitation in Washington DC.

Each one of the 360,000 people taking part in the walks is taking a stand against the water and sanitation crisis that kills more children in Africa than HIV/AIDs, malaria and measles combined - around 4,000 young children every single day.

This year we made a huge step forward in tackling this crisis - new figures showed that the Millennium Development Goal for clean drinking water has been reached. This is a massive achievement and comes after years of campaigning by End Water Poverty members across the globe. However, with 783 million people still facing a daily struggle for water, and a staggering 2.5 billion people, still lacking access to a clean, safe toilet, there’s still so much to keep campaigning for in the fight to end water poverty.

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