Wednesday, 21 March 2012

News on the World Walks for Water and Sanitation in Nigeria!

Albert Ezeigwe is President of the Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation in Nigeria. Here he tells us all about their exciting Walk for Water and Sanitation which took place in Ehime Mbano in Imo State.

We kicked off our World Walks for Water and Sanitation Walk from the Christian Fellowship and Care Foundation head office in Ehime Mbano. From here we headed straight to the Ehime Mbano Local Government headquarters, singing as we marched to gain attention in the local community and distributing leaflets to inform people of the reason for our walk! When we reached the Local Government Headquarters, we were greeted by the Local Government Chairman, Jude Nwokenkwo, who heard our statement on the problems facing people in the local community without access to clean water and sanitation, in particular making him aware of the problems caused by the local government abandoning its programmes to improve water and sanitation. As a result the Chairman has promised to present our proposal for creating a new WASH programme for the local community, including in local schools, to the Local Council.

After this, we walked from the Local Government Headquarters to the office of the Ehime Mbano constituency representative to the Imo House of Assembly, Hon. Kingsley Dimaku. Here I gave a further speech calling on local politicians to take action ensuring Water and Sanitation for All local people. As a result of this and the attention we gained during our walk, the Honourable representative has pledged to make the government aware of the plight of local people without access to water and sanitation by delivering our message to the House of Assembly in the hope that this will get the government to address local Water and Sanitation needs.

Overall our walk was very successful and people in the local community very much appreciated our raising awareness of the problems they face due to lack of clean water and sanitations, and especially getting the Local Government Chairman and Honourable Representative to the House of Assembly to promise to address these issue by make the government aware of what is needed to provide water and sanitation for all – a great achievement!

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