Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Don't forget to send us your photos!

We are delighted to see such fantastic photos coming in of walks from across the globe!

You can see the highlights so far here.

Send your photos to our Flickr page!

Have you sent your photos yet? If not, please remember to send them directly to Flickr so that as many other walkers as possible can see them!
How to do it!
1) Attach your photos to an email, put the location of your event and your organisation in the subject line, add a short description of the walk in the text body.
2) Send to Your photos will automatically appear in our photostream. This can be done using your computer or your smartphone!

All photographs sent to us will be entered in to the World Walks for Water and Sanitation photo competition! The categories are:
1. Largest amount of people in a photo
2. Most unusual location
3. Best slogan featured in a photo
4. Best lobbying of a politician in a photo
5. Most artistic photo
6. Most colourful photo
7. Most inspiring photo

Winners will have their photos featured on our website, in our publications and on our facebook page - and will also receive a certificate and some goodies!

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safe said...

This photo was taken at Sundarban World Largest Mangrove Forest on March 22, 2012 using a Canon Digital IXUS 860 IS