Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nepal walks for water and sanitation!

Anita Pradhan is Communications and Gender Officer at WaterAid Nepal. Here, she talks about their participation in the World Walks for Water and Sanitation!

The World Walks for Water and Sanitation takes place during Nepal National Water Week 2012 and Walks were organised by WaterAid and their partner FEDWASUN in fourteen districts in the country, with 8,000 people walking overall!

An art competition was organised by Federation of Drinking Water and Sanitation Users Nepal (FEDWASUN) in Makwanpur district on World Water Day and, on 23 March, the Nepal Academy of Science & Technology (NAST) organised a walk in Kathmandu. This was followed by a seminar on water and food security at NAST Auditorium in Lalitpur, where papers on water and food security were presented by academicians and experts.

Around 783 million around the globe still live without access to safe water. In Nepal, according to recently released UNICEF/WHO 2010 figures 11% of the country’s population still lacks access to this essential service.

Ashutosh Tiwari, of WaterAid, said:

“Meeting the Millennium Development Goal on water, by providing access to 2 billion more people in the last twenty years, shows what can be achieved. However we must not lose sight of the 783 million people who still don’t have safe water to drink. Everyone on the planet has a right to safe water to drink. This could be achieved with the right political will within our lifetime – let’s not settle for anything less than 100%.”

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