Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Plans for the World Walks for Water and Sanitation in Bangladesh!

M. Enamul Haque is the Director of Banga Jananee, a grassroots organization in Bangladesh that works to improve livelihoods and living conditions of local people through sustainable and equitable use of natural resources. Here he talks about his organisation's plans for the World Walks for Water and Sanitation campaign!

We will be joining forces with eight of our partner NGOs to organise a Walk for Water and Sanitation event in Chalanbeel in Bangladesh! From 17 to 25 March 2012, we will be lobbying decision makers, talking to the media and raising awareness of the importance of water and sanitation both in the community and with government officials. We will then mobilize as many local people as possible to take part in our Walk from Union Parishad to Upazilla Parishad!

We hope that our activities will show politicians how crucial water and sanitation is to sustainable development. We hope it will increase the commitment of policymakers to get water and sanitation to our communities.

Our World Walks for Water and Sanitation activities will show people the importance of domestic hygiene too - we will give out leaflets and other educational materials to local communities. We aim to make two million people in Chalanbeel aware!

By working with other local NGOs, we hope to develop a common platform for collective participation as we move forward. We will meet civil society, local leaders and communities in Chalanbeel and have a fruitful discussion about what we can all do to tackle the water and sanitation crisis.

We are looking forward to our Walk! Why not organise one too? You can find out more and register here.

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Firoz Hossain said...

The walk will save the life of the
thousands of people. wish them to reach the goal.
Firoz Hossain