Thursday, 2 February 2012

Join our new online walk for water and sanitation!

Natasha Horsfield is an intern at End Water Poverty. Here she blogs about the launch of our new online Walk for Water and Sanitation.

Join our new online walk for water and sanitation!
We’ve just launched our new ONLINE Walk for Water and Sanitation! So now even if you can’t take part in one of our physical walks, you can still join in the global event demanding action to address the global water and sanitation crisis. It’s a great opportunity to get involved and get your voices heard by political leaders around the world, and it’s so simple to take part! Just enter your name and country and you can choose a message to send to world leaders or tailor your own. People are already joining the online walk from all over the world so why not join them now! You could even go a step further and join in with a walk happening near you or even organise your own!

Join the walk here!

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