Monday, 4 July 2011

Help us form our World Water Day 2012 campaign!

The previous two global campaigns that End Water Poverty coordinated - the World Walks for Water and the World's Longest Toilet Queue were a massive success at ensuring national change, as well as championing the cause of water and sanitation internationally, and providing a moment for people to join in solidarity. Together they mobilised nearly half a million people!

And we are going to be even more ambitious in 2012! And to realize our ambitions, we need YOUR HELP!

Help us shape next year's campaign by filling in our short, (very short!) survey. Your help is invaluable and will truly help us to design a campaign that will reach far and wide, and be accessible and enjoyable for as many people as possible.

Please fill in our short survey.

We'll keep you updated through our blog how the campaign plan progresses and let you know when the materials and resources are released.

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