Thursday, 19 May 2011

Walking for Water in Istanbul

The World Walks for Water campaign took place all over the globe on World Water Day - from Lesotho to Liberia, Nepal to Niger, London to Las Vegas. Campaigners put pressure on their national decision-makers to make progress on water and sanitation - either in the aid they give to developing countries, or in the prioritization they give water and sanitation in their own development plans.

A key moment to link all of these national activities and lobbying was to happen weeks later - at the Fourth UN Conference on the Least Developed Countries in Istanbul, where End Water Poverty campaigners would take the stories and events from the World Walks for Water to this international forum to ensure a higher profile for water and sanitation.

One strategic moment at the conference was to launch our very own World Walks for Water event in Istanbul - to show the conference delegates that the world wants them to act.

The Istanbul Walk took place in the midst of the conference, starting at the main entrance where all delegates enter the building - the Lutfi Kirdar Convention Centre. Walkers from Cameroon, Senegal, Germany, UK, Uganda and many other nationalities, joined the walk in national dress as well as some in their conference suits. They sang "L'eau, l'eau, l'eau pour tous" through the corridors and out into the sunshine as they posed for pictures. Doreen Wandera, President of the Ugandan Water and Sanitation Network and Jon Lane, Director of the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council joined the walk as well as Fleur Anderson, End Water Poverty's International Coordinator.
Take a look at some other photos here, and check back on the blog to see the other great achievements at the conference.

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