Tuesday, 22 March 2011


A massive congratulations to the 350,000 participants of The World Walks for Water!

Events took place across Africa, Asia, Europe, Australasia and the Americas - with politicians hearing loud and clear that the water and sanitation crisis is a scandal and must end NOW.

Serena O'Sullivan , coordinator of The World Walks for Water, shares a message of good wishes below from London:

And the work doesn't stop yet! We'll be taking your actions to the UN's Least Developed Countries Conference in Istanbul in May. We'll tell politicians there that they must commit to making progress on getting water to the world's poorest. So please continue to join the online Walk for Water so your voice will count!

And do keep checking back this week for stories of the campaign from around the world! You can see photos stream in to our Flickr page through the week.

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