Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Congratulations for our members!

A quick blog post from Fleur Anderson, End Water Poverty's International Campaign Coordinator on the coalition's campaigning today.

Congratulations to all the End Water Poverty members who have planned for this day for months or come on board in the last few days. You have organized, promoted, printed t-shirts, made banners, worked with politicians, made TV programmes and debates, put together creative events, and walked and walked and walked.

This year’s events have shown the global strength of feeling about the water and sanitation crisis. Together, we have taken action for the millions of women who spend their days carrying back-breaking containers, the parents who have no choice but to give their children dirty water, the four thousand little children who died today as a result, the girls who have to face the fear of defecating outside, and those who have to leave school because they have to fetch water instead.

As I write, the stories are coming in of walks in Monrovia, France, India, Malawi, Kampala and rural Bangladesh and so many others. I have just come back from a very successful event of more than 40 British politicians walking for water and taking action in Westminster.

People are walking in their thousands, and each walker has a tale to tell and a demand to make. We are ambitious for change and we want to see our politicians ambitious too – illness from dirty water and no sanitation should not be the status quo for so many millions of people any more.

Our target of 100,000 walkers has been far exceeded – there are 365,000 that we know of, and its going up all the time. This action has really hit a nerve and there is a global call for water and sanitation which is growing louder and louder – and you made that happen today. Its not easy to make clear demands of politicians, to ask for action, to be ambitious for national change. Congratulations to everyone who has organized and joined the World Walk for Water – today marked a huge step forward towards ending water poverty.

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