Monday, 14 March 2011

The Walk for Water in Burkina Faso

Inna Guenda
WaterAid Burkina Faso

Inna took part in the coordination of the World's Longest Toilet Queue campaign in Burkina Faso last year - getting more than 8000 in line for sanitation and water! The campaign achieved amazing results, including new government commitments and a much higher profile of the issues nationally. Inna shares her plans now for the World Walks for Water next week how she'll use the international campaign to ensure commitments are delivered and improvements
More than 3000 people will Walk for Water on March 19th in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Women, children and men will be part of this mass movement for change. To make it more interesting, donkeys, camels, bicycles will join in - showing the ways and means people employ to collect their water.

Our main messages to decision makers during our walk will be:

-to ask for action in line with the commitment of the head of State to sanitation during the launch of the National Sanitation Campaign last year (which followed our World's Longest Toilet Queue campaign).

-Showing that prioritizing of sanitation and water will have an improved impact on health, education and economy in Burkina Faso.

Demanding sanitation priritization and that technologies are made more affordable for everyone. This includes developing low-cost latrines, latrines adapted to disabled persons’ needs, and monitoring the populations most in need.

Several organizations working on health, education, gender, child’s rights, government officials, etc will support the walk meaning we can reach much bigger audiences and provide an even bigger mandate for action.

We are finalizing our communication tools to get everyone involved in the activity and we also had amassing meetings to get all these plans and messages clear during the week. People are really excited about this campaign!

If you're organising an event too- make sure you register it on the website. I'll write again after the event so you can see how many got involved and what we achieve! Good luck in your own organising!

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