Thursday, 3 February 2011

An update on the SWA

Fleur Anderson gives a quick update on the latest from the SWA partnership, including how you can help us keep track of commitments:

The two key messages of the Sanitation and Water of All partnership are that sanitation and water should be a political priority and that no credible national plan for sanitation and water should fail for lack of financing. These continue to be strengthened as the governance systems of the SWA are put into place, including a new steering committee with three civil society representatives alongside the government and key development partners, and the lobbying work continues both globally and nationally.

  • New members are continuing to join, with Germany being the latest country. To find out if your country has joined, see the list here.
  • The results of the commitments made at the High-Level Meeting last year are being seen on the ground. For example a nationwide WASH campaign was launched by the government in Burkina Faso, alongside a huge increase in WASH budgets; and from the specific processes to be in place and under a national plan for Nepal to achieve 100% access to sanitation and water by 2017 . We would like to collate more stories from members of the results they have seen (good and bad). To find out what your country has promised, visit our webpage that contains the HLM commitments - and then let us know what the reality is on the ground.
  • The Sanitation and Water for All secretariat has produced a workplan, and End Water Poverty contributed to ensuring that role of civil society is included throughout. Civil Society organizations can play their part in the process of writing of credible and effective National Water and Sanitation Plans, in campaigning globally and nationally for these plans to be funded, and then in monitoring the delivery on the ground.
  • A task force of donors will be working with the Liberian Government, civil society in Liberia and other partners, to establish how the SWA can support Liberia to draw up a credible National Plan for water and sanitation. This should show how the SWA Partnership can bring value through joining up aid, supporting effective national policy-making, attracting funding for sanitation and water where it is most needed, and ensuring this is sustainable through the involvement of civil society at all stages. We’ll be reporting on this project so watch this space.
  • The next major meeting of the Sanitation and Water for All partnership will be the High Level Meeting in April 2, and during this year the SWA members will be building up to this through many different regional and global meetings, but does not plan to focus on just one Asian and one African meeting as was planned earlier. These will go alongside national processes to prepare for the High Level meeting and ensure that it delivers significant progress in considerably more and smarter funding for sanitation and water around the world. This makes the rest of 2011 a very key time for End Water Poverty members to be working together with the SWA partnership in highlighting the global crisis in water and sanitation, and demanding action from governments in the global North and South.

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