Monday, 14 February 2011

Invite a politician to your event

World Water Day is the perfect time to make politicians or community leaders aware of the global water and sanitation crisis.

Many political figures don't realise the seriousness of the crisis and don’t realize that it’s a key concern of constituents in many developing countries. By inviting politicians to the join in your walk, you will be offering them a great opportunity to get involved and learn more about water and sanitation.

This week, we added a Political Invitation Template to the resources offered on the World Walks for Water website to help you get started with contacting politicians and inviting them to join a walk.

If we all invite our politicians to get involved, we will more effectively put political pressure on leaders to strengthen water and sanitation policies, step up commitment, and follow through on past promises! Remind them that 4,000 children die every day from diarrhoea caused by unsafe drinking water, poor hygiene and sanitation. Don’t let them ignore the fact that 1 in 3 people lack a safe toilet. The water and sanitation crisis has an impact on health, education, and the economy and requires dedicated political action around the world.

Invite politicians to join a walk as soon as you can or let a politician know about a walk you’re already attending. The more invites they get, the better! And also think about other influential people from your community to involve - the media, celebrities, dignatories. It's important they all realise there is a water and sanitation crisis and that everyone has a responsibility to help solve it!

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