Friday, 4 February 2011

Country Snapshots

An update on an exciting resource to support your World Walks for Water activity from Jessica Mirabella, End Water Poverty's Intern.

Today we’ve added a new Resource to the World Walks for Water website: COUNTRY SNAPSHOTS!

Each Snapshot has been written with water and sanitation campaigners in-country and contains relevant country information. If you are organising a 6km walk, or would simply like to know more about your country’s water and sanitation conditions and/or policies, check the Resources page for your country's Snapshot. If your country isn’t on the list, then keep checking back as we're adding more next week or use the global messaging sheet and adapt to your country.

Each snapshot provides key information about your country’s role in the crisis and the important demands for your government on World Water Day. We hope they help you!

Interestingly, while researching the Snapshots, I found a few global trends becoming apparent:
• Many people still must be educated about the global water and sanitation crisis, which has a severe impact on the health, education and economies of populations throughout Africa and Asia. The World Walks for Water will play an important role of informing the public and expanding international support for improvements.

• Many of us must ask our politicians to strengthen its commitment to water and sanitation. There is not enough funding to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and many countries must increase funding for these issues. Working with all levels of government – either national, regional or community level – we will all benefit from increased government action and funding.

• Many countries may benefit from creation of a national policy for water and sanitation, which should aim to decrease inequalities across districts and demonstrate your government’s focus on policy implementation for water access and sanitation.

Read up on your Country’s Snapshot to prepare for the walk in your hometown. The asks of government can be used to create signs, write letters to political leaders and let you know what to say during the World Walks for Water. These Snapshots provide a foundation for everyone to communicate with their government, which gives each Walk event an even greater political impact.

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