Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The World Walks for Water is going global...and online!

Some great news from behind the scenes on the World Walks for Water, as we're hearing of some fantastic activities being organised across the world by brilliant campaigners. Just a few to highlight that we've heard about so far:
  • Mubu from ROCS-Zambia is organising a Walk of 5000 people in the Mansa and Mwense district of Zambia.
  • Sabiha at Interpal is gathering students and young professionals from across London to do a 20 mile walk to highlight the Palestinian water crisis on the 19th March.
  • Marie-Anne from ONE Drop in Canada is linking with Cirque du Soleil to do an amazing event in Las Vegas, USA.
  • Hedwig at SOS Malta is organising an innovative Virtual Walk!
  • Philippe in Belgium is helping school children walk from three locations to meet politicians and highlight the water and sanitation crisis to them.
  • Onyi from WaterAid Nigeria will make a huge splash - following the amazing 30,000 people they got involved last year in the World's Longest Toilet Queue.
  • Shikha in Nepal will be highlighting the massive need for sanitation across the nation and hopes to beat the 30,000 people they got involved last year in campaigning.
Other exciting and innovative walks are being registered every day. If you're organising one, don't forget to register on the website and let us know if you'd like to write a blog post on your Walk!

Less than two months to go - so exciting! Good luck everyone!

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