Monday, 10 January 2011

Turning on the campaigning heat in a very cold Delhi...

It's my favourite time of my work year - when I get the chance to sit in a room with campaigners from around the world for a whole week to strategise. Doesn't sound like fun I'm sure for lots of people!

But the End Water Poverty planning meeting takes place once a year (last time in Accra) and is a crucial chance to gather our campaigners from Africa, Asia, North America and Europe to hear success stories and national priorities. We also carry out joint analyses of the political, cultural and social context and host 'spotlight' sessions on different themes, like the right to water and sanitation. Project visits across Delhi are happening too - so we can see problems on the ground.

Then through the week we take this learning and pull it together, along with information gathered from our global consultation, into a strategy. And this year we're compiling a three year strategy instead of our usual one/two year strategy. So we're being ambitious!

We're also being frozen too! Delhi is in the depths of a wintery cold snap - and our colleagues from warmer climes are suffering in the cold hotel rooms (Indian buildings are understandably not designed to hold in heat!). But although we're freezing, there are great ideas and ambitious campaigning strategies flying out of the group.

We'll keep you posted through the week!

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