Friday, 28 January 2011

Getting the message to MPs in the UK

An update on the Worlds Walk for Water from Guilliana who works for WaterAid, an End Water Poverty member, and is helping to organise the London event for the Worlds Walk for Water on 22nd March.

It’s always interesting to see how an event takes shape from the nerve centre of an operation and as this is my first event experience working for WaterAid, I turned up pen and paper in hand ready to get excited and I was not let down....

It was great to see how the teams from WaterAid and Tearfund were working together with so much passion. There is a real enthusiasm to see how we could get involved in the global events that everyone is organising. It’s been inspiring to see what other groups are organising to achieve the aims of keeping the WASH crisis front of mind for all those who can make such a major difference.

In the UK we’ll be using the opportunity to organise a walk close to the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday March 22nd. We’ll be hoping to set up challenges like carrying around jerry cans and using large placards with info around a key location to really bring home the global crisis to MPs in London on the day.

Everyday 4,000 children die needlessly due to diarrhoea as a result of not having access to clean water and sanitation. WaterAid's aim for 2015 is to ensure 25 million people will have access to safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation as a direct result of our work. But we can only do this with strong political commitment to intervening in the crisis now.

But it’s not just about MPs, we’d like to see everyone getting involved on the day and a wide selection of supporters, whether old or new attending to so that everyone feels a sense of solidarity with the thousands round the world who will be taking part.

Our teams working in the field continue to do great work, but they can only do so with the support and voices of people who can make a difference demanding from authorities like the coalition government they do; so your influence will really be crucial on March 22nd. There are plenty of ways to get involved in the run up and on the day, either by expressing interest in attending or shouting about the World Walks for Water via social media – please check out follow @WaterAid and the @World Walks for Water on Twitter, or join our facebook group to find out the latest updates.

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