Thursday, 7 October 2010

Take Blog Action on Water!

Next Friday, the 15th October, is Blog Action Day 2010 – when bloggers all around the world seek to raise the profile of one issue by posting on it on a single day.

This year the topic chosen is …… Water!

This is a great opportunity to start a really global conversation on water, by ensuring that on the 15th October people around the world are discussing the how the sanitation and water crisis affects billions of vulnerable people.

With over 13,000 people taking part in last year’s Blog Action Day, from 152 countries, we are hoping to make this year even bigger.

How to get involved?

Make sure you register your blog, and a link to your blog will be added to the Blog Action Day site and your post will appear on the Blog Action Day site on October 15.

People will be blogging on the 15th on a huge variety of topics that relate to water, but we want to ensure that the real links between water and poverty are discussed.

Perpetuating Poverty

We want to emphasise how a lack of water can perpetuate poverty, limiting any other attempts at progress in poverty reduction.

Please help by dedicating your blog to highlighting the links between water, sanitation and poverty. We’ve included a few key messages / ideas below for inspiration!

World Water Day campaign launch

We'll also be using Blog Action Day to launch the website and materials for The World Walks for Water, our global campaign for World Water Day 2011. So please mention the campaign and urge your readers to get involved.

Key messages to highlight in your blog:

  • Water poverty affecting health systems
  • Impact on children
  • Developing economies and water poverty.
  • The MDGs summit and international action on water and sanitation.

See our website for more information and links to other great sources of information.

Take action!

The twitter hashtag for the day will be #BAD2010

To sure you join in this important global discussion register today and get ready to take blog action!

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