Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Red, yellow, blue - how they work together to end poverty

There's been a flurry of non-profit activity ahead of and around the UN MDG Summit this week. Reports from anti-poverty organisations each give analysis and recommendations on what politicians attending the Summit need to do to get the world back on track in tackling the MDGs.

We popped along to End Water Poverty member Save the Children's event yesterday, which hoped to highlight the demands in their pre-Summit report, as part of their EVERYONE campaign.

They were asking visitors to the iconic Grand Central Station to join in with a live art installation. People picked either a blue, red or yellow ink pad and pressed their thumb onto a mosaic effect art piece.

The colours represented different lagging development issues - blue for water and sanitation, red for hunger and yellow for healthcare.

Seeing a visual representation of the End Water Poverty call for an integrated approach to development was fantastic.

Steve Cockburn of End Water Poverty adding his support

We've been calling for this new approach- and the message is slowly getting through to the decision makers. For education to work, schools need to provide clean water and toilets to staff and pupils. For health systems to flourish, patients need clean water at hospitals and need to stay healthy in their own communities to avoid contracting waterborne diseases again and again. As our friend Martha from Malawi told us today - what is the point of building health clinics if they close because the local bore-hole is broken?

Let's hope we can make more progress this week - we'll keep you posted.

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