Thursday, 27 May 2010

Visit, a new advocacy resource for civil society

A new online advocacy tool for the WASH sector has been developed. The website aims to make it easy for civil society to monitor their governments’ political declarations on WASH, such as eThekwini in Africa and SACOSAN in South Asia. CSOs can also upload government budget data to compare how countries are prioritising the sector.

End Water Poverty members can log onto the site at As it is currently a pilot version, is password-protected, so email to be sent the username and password. Through feedback from contributors, a final public version will be developed in due course. aims to make advocacy easier in the following ways

1. Easy comparison of different countries’ progress against political commitments like eThekwini and SACOSAN.

2. Easy tracking of government budgets for WASH, and quick comparison to neighbouring countries

3. Easy printing of the data to take to a meeting

However, the availability of good information depends on contributors being willing to upload analysis about their countries policies and budgets. End Water Poverty members are in a strong position to be able to do this.

It is easy to log on and upload information about your country. Visit the site to see what others have already uploaded; pages for Nepal and Nigeria have the most complete information. If you want to be able to edit your country’s page, or have any questions, email and you will be sent a contributor login and password.

Even if someone has already uploaded information about your country, do get involved and add more. One long-term aim of is to build consensus across civil society about the reforms necessary in the sector, and to foster collaboration between different organisations at the national level.

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