Friday, 23 April 2010

The White House lawn gets a makeover

The moment is mere hours away...

The Sanitation and Water for All High-Level Meeting takes place in Washington DC today, and to mark the occasion, we've given President Obama's front lawn a little makeover.

The photo, released by End Water Poverty and WaterAid, shows how Washington DC could look if the city didn't enjoy sanitation and water for all - a reality faced by 2.6 billion around the world. It's already featured in major news outlets, but we want you to help us get as many people to see it.

You can do this by:
  • changing your profile picture to this image on facebook (loads of people already have!) with the link below ,
  • or you could tweet about it, (try "White House / African makeover? Wonder what @BarackObama would think...?
  • post the link up on facebook
  • email your local paper's news desk with the link to the news story.
This is just one way in which we're getting the message to Washington DC that the world wants them to act. Tens of thousands mobilised for the World's Longest Toilet Queue - let's shout louder together today too!

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