Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Week Ahead: Taking your voice to Washington

This week is the one we’ve been working towards now for months, as this Friday sees the first ever High-Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water at which Ministers and policy makers from 30 countries will gather to discuss measures to address the global sanitation and water crisis.

It will be preceded by a meeting of African and Asian Water and Sanitation Ministers on Thursday, and the launch of a new monitoring tool – the GLAAS Report – on Wednesday. We’ll keep you updated on all of these things.

Over a million people across the world have campaigned up until this moment, including tens of thousands of you as part of the World’s Longest Toilet Queue just a month ago.

We said we’d take your voices to Washington, and here’s how we will:

  • We will have civil society representatives from Africa, Asia and Europe speaking at all of the high-level meetings this week – in all of their presentations to Ministers they will highlight your campaigning work.
  • Every delegate attending the meeting has received our international manifesto – signed by 120 organisations worldwide – and our toilet queue brochure.
  • We will be displaying this fantastic video, these incredible photos, and these great brochures at a press conference on Wednesday
  • We’re hosting a reception for all invited Government Ministers and officials on Thursday, where we’ll make sure they receive it all again.

There’s no doubt they know what we want and how many people support us.

This week definitely won’t see the solution to the global fight for access to basic rights, but it will represent an important beginning of a new partnership and a new momentum. We hope to see a real commitment to work better, work together, and to begin to end the neglect of this crucial issue. This week, we will work with your support to make sure it’s as strong as it can be.

Thank you for your campaigning and come back to find out what happens!

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