Thursday, 1 April 2010

5000 people join the Queue and demand toilets in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Aline Ouedraogo
WaterAid, Burkina Faso

A report from Burkina Faso, where an amazing 5,000 people joined a single Queue!

This year, UN World Water Day deals with water quality as a theme. One could not find better opportunity to talk about sanitation - which causes widespread pollution of water supplies

In Burkina, the national WASH/End Water Poverty coalition and its civil society partners organized the "The World Longest Toilet Queue". More than 5000 people queued up in Ouagadougou March 20, 2010 to ask for changes for the 9,8 millions of Burkinabé who lack access to toilets.
Whole communities took part in the Queue on March 20, 2010.

Civil society members asked for the following changes:
-The government and its partners understand that water and sanitation are closely linked to health, education and wider development issues.
-The government increases its own resource allocation to the sanitation sector
-The government and its partners find mechanisms for the absorption of resources allocated to the sector of sanitation
-The structures in charge of sanitation are reinforced
-The specific needs of vulnerable people are taken into account in the promotion of technologies and approaches in water and sanitation

This call of civil society has been supported by solidarity messages from these specific groups: women, children, disabled persons and the poor people leaving in semi-urban areas. They asked for a particular attention to their needs.

Answering to this message, the delegated Minister of agriculture on behalf of the Prime minister congratulated the WASH/ End Water Poverty coalition and its partners for their commitment to improving the living conditions of the population. He promised to be the spokesman of the vulnerable groups.

All the 5000 participants signed a petition that will be presented to the Prime Minister as an advocacy tool. It will also be sent to the High-Level Meeting on water and the sanitation planned for April 2010 in Washington DC.

The WASH/EWP coalition also hopes that Burkina will break the Guinness Record for the World Longest Toilet Queue!

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