Wednesday, 3 March 2010

WLTQ and Women

Great News!

200+ toilet queues scheduled all over the world, 50+ countries involved in the campaign, and new people joining the queue every day...It's a great time to advocate!

WSSCC would like to thank our newest "Famous Queuer": Minister Maria Mutagamba from Uganda. Minister Mutagamba, Minister of Water and Environment, is a WSSCC Woman Leader for WASH, a WSSCC initiative for women from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds who care about the global crisis in water supply, sanitation and hygiene, and who are particularly concerned with the disproportionate burden that this crisis places on women.

It's important to advocate WLTQ and sanitation for all not only for the health and economic reasons, but also because of the gender component: The UNDP report from 2006 estimates that half of the girls who stop attending primary school in Africa do so because of the lack of toilets!

Among these 2.5 billion people without sanitation, women are most influenced. They often lack privacy, and as a result, their dignity suffers.

WLTQ seeks to acknowledge and support these women through this campaign, along with several international women's organizations (such as the Soroptimists, Gramalaya, and many more) and the thousands of women queuing and organizing activities on World Water Day 2010.

Great Job Ladies!

To read more about Minister Mutagamba, visit our website at

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Soroptimist International Marina Baixa, Spain said...

To All who live near Alicante, Spain,our Queue will be launched on 22sd of march, 12,00 am,at Plaza de la Casa de Cultura de l'Alfás del Pí, Alicante, Spain.
Please join us, we are Soroptimist International Marina Baixa Club, and our motto is "Education & Santitation for Everyone"................We Can!!!!

arthur said...
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Anonymous said...

Announcements from Jackson Mwenya Executive director of Vision Africa Regional Network- zambia

The World's Longest Toilet Queue campaign is underway, and VISION AFRICA REGIONAL NETWORK- ZAMBIA is proud to be partnering with WSSCC End Water Poverty and Freshwater Action Network to support this momentous initiative.
Exciting times! Vision Africa Regional Network is getting ready to launch ‘The World’s Longest Toilet Queue’ (WLTQ) - a mass global event on World Water Day this year (22 March 2010)
Jackson Mwenya the Executive Coordinator for VAREN announcing the launch of world longest toilets queue in Mwense, Nchelenge and Mansa Districts in Luapula province during stakeholders meeting at Mambilima constituency. Advocate and Participate!
What is world longest toilets queue?
The World’s Longest Toilet Queue’(WLTQ)- is a mass global event on World Water Day this year (22 March 2010) will call for action on water and sanitation from the world’s politicians. It’s a massive Guinness World Record attempt. It is not only a day of solidarity and support for safe sanitation and clean water for those in need, but also the start of a full campaign to urge politicians, governments, and key leaders to change the status quo and make better choices for citizens worldwide. This global mobilization is bringing together thousands of campaigners from across the world to demand real change.
Why advocating for change?
World leaders have so far neglected this global crisis – fatally undermining the fight against poverty, ill health and indignity.
Globally 4000 children are under five years old die, alongside billions of others, every day just because they lack toilets and water – and politicians are ignoring their plight.
The fulfillment of these most basic rights is crucial if development goals are to be met as they drive progress in wider health education, gender, and poverty reduction goals. The UN estimates that half of the girls who stop attending primary schools in Africa do so because of the lack of toilets.
But spring 2010 provides areal opportunity for change. Late April 2010 will see ministers from countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America gather in Washington DC for the first ever High – Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water. The meeting aims to make steps forward in ensuring access to these most basic rights.
Theme: ''Communicating Water Quality Challenges and Opportunities",
It is time to prioritize sanitation and clean water, and encourage others to do the same.
Get involved and support to make it a success by contacting: Vision Africa Regional Network- Zambia (VAREN), Email:
Sign a petition and send to Vision Africa Regional Network- Zambia offices or electronically.
Mwense office at Mulundu- Mambilima, Mansa office at Buntungwa Urban Health Center, Nchelenge office at Nchelenge district council
Your voice Matters.