Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Queue in Holland!

Jessica Bekker
Jessica works in Holland for End Water Poverty member Simavi and is organising a huge Queue in Amsterdam next week!

Dear Toilet Queuers!

In the Netherlands there will be queues as well to raise awareness for the urgent problem that still 2.6 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation!

We are one of the 70 countries, in total this will add up to a great amount of people and pressure.

On Thursday the 25th of March, when the water sector gathers together for World Water Day, a long toilet queue will be formed and a manifesto will be offered to the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, signed by more than 25 NGOs and water companies. See the manifesto here.

If you are organizing a queue in the Netherlands, please contact me with the total amount of people queuing up. When we offer the manifesto we will mention the Dutch queues, so will include your amount of people as well. A picture of your queue would be fantastic to make a small compilation of Dutch contributions.

To inform me about your queue, contact Jessica Bekker from Simavi through
. Good luck for your Queues!

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