Friday, 19 March 2010

Pictures of your Queues!

Serena O'Sullivan
End Water Poverty

71 countries? All joining together to stand up our right to sanitation and water? It's amazing, and here at End Water Poverty, we're absolutely thrilled and ridiculously excited about the events about to unfold across the world.

The fact this campaign has taken hold in so many places is testament to the serious and damning crisis gripping some of the poorest developing countries. Campaigners are taking the message to the streets - it's not acceptable that 4,000 children are dying every single day from preventable illnesses just because they don't have access to safe water and sanitation.

This call to action reached the streets of Paris today, where End Water Poverty members Action Contre La Faim and Coalition Eau organised a 'flash mob' Queue at the place de la Madeleine - where the city's oldest public toilets are to be found. Over 100 people exploded into action!

You can see photos for the event on our Flickr page. And more and more will be added over the coming days - so keep visiting!


Diana said...

A toilet queue was organized in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria on 20 March starting time 12:00.
81 citizens took part and joint to express their solidarity to people without access to sanitation. Our local accent was put on lack of access to toilets for people with physical disabilities and specific needs.
The queue was organized by NGO Earth Forever - national focal point of WSSCC, in collaboration with city library Stara Zagora, center for people with disabilities, high school "Romain Rolland", Association "Eyesight".
Media (incl. electronic media) expressed very high interest and the queue got national visibility.

Shahina said...

Its a great event to fight the crisis. I hope in a near future no child would die for sanitation or water crisis. Me and my organization are also organizing the event in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 22nd March. WE are also eager to that moment when people will stand for sanitation and water in my community.

Executive Director]

Naren said...

A toilet queue was organised involving the poor women Self Help Group members of Gangai Women SHG Federation promoted by DHAN Foundation in Panaiyur village in Madurai on March 20, 2010. Around 100 poor women participated in the queue. DHAN Vayalagam Foundation, a water advancement initiative of DHAN Foundation organised the queue. Participants with white band in hands stand together for the cause of global water crisis and sanitation issues across the globe taken a pledge in local language and made a petition demanding for action from local Government to focus on water and sanitation issues in their villages.

Savina said...

We heard about the Toilet Queue just the day before the World Water Day and decided to do something just as well. Some 33 people gathered in Ljubljana's main square in order to show their solidarity towards billions of people affected by water shortage and lack of basic sanitation. It is a small contribution from a very small country:)