Tuesday, 23 March 2010

People across the world make a stand against the sanitation and water crisis

Serena O'Sullivan
End Water Poverty

It's been an amazing few days. The World's Longest Toilet Queue has taken the globe by storm. 72 countries took part - with hundreds and hundreds of Queues being formed across Africa, South Asia, Australasia, Asia, Europe and both North and South America, and some still to come!

Stories, photos and registration sheets have been flying in - the team inbox has been inundated with amazing material. We'll submit this information to Guinness World Records as soon as we've authenticated it and we'll of course let you know the outcome. But as this specific record is brand new, feel happy to be in the record books! If you're yet to send your registration sheets in, it's not too late, just send them through to us here.

We'll update the main website in the coming days - highlighting some key activities and Queues, and sharing the brilliant videos and photos being shared, including a massive Queue of 1500 in Bhopal, 20000 taking action in Nepal and the London Queue appearing in an amazing and influential publication.

It is remarkable and heart-warming to see people mobilising around a cause often forgotten and not seen enough in the headlines in the developed world, while our global neighbours are hit hard by a crisis that has no place in the 21st century.

We'll make sure these global actions are taken right up to the people who have the power to make the difference at the Washington DC High-Level Meeting in April. Read detailed civil society recommendations for the meeting here.

So, for now, rest and receive our congratulations on being a Guinness World Record holder and for making such an important global stand for sanitation and water for all!


Nicki Hambleton said...

113 of us queued in the middle of the school field in the middle of the day in Ghana to support the cause. Thanks Lincoln Community School for coming out in force!

Girish Patel said...

117 queued in Birmingham UK :)

Jenny Steeves said...

Here at the World Toilet Organization in Singapore, we had 39 people in line! http://www.flickr.com/photos/25532596@N04/sets/72157623670103782/

Shikha Shrestha said...

Thanks for the update, yes the numbers are increasing and in case of Nepal, recent information from partners reveal that nearly 30,000 signatures collected in 3 days of WLTQ

Karsten Gjefle said...

In Oslo we had over 100 adults and 40 children with lots of national coverage (-:

The World's Longest Toilet Queue said...

Wow - just did another count and it looks like 76 countries! CONGRATS EVERYONE!

Siân said...

103 people queued at St Luke's Church in Hedge End, including MP Chris Huhne, who took away letters about the importance of acting on the water and sanitation crisis and the need to send a senior figure to the meeting in April. Some of the letters were addressed to him and some were for him to deliver to the UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown.

Kalawati said...

Thank you up dating the events.
It is my pleasure to share that the Rural Village Water Resources Management Project (RVWRMP) , Dhangadi, Nepal organized toilet Queue and signature campaigns on demand of toilet, being focus in schools of remote villages of 6 districts of far western region, in which more than 2000 students, teachers , staffs of RVWRMP & other participated. You can see the pictures and signature of events in www.rvwrmp.org.np.

Dick de Jong said...

We had 200 people in a toilet queue at the Dutch World Water Day event in Amsterdam on 25 March 2010. Have a look at two short clips on our site http://www.irc.nl/page/52607.