Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Last 4 Days!

We're almost there!! A World Record attempt and more people joining the cause every minute!

WSSCC, EWP and FAN are seeing some amazing advocacy work for this global event: There are parades, presentations, concerts and many more exciting aspects of each and every queue. We're proud to be a part of something so meaningful, so unique and so multi-faceted!

Our Coalition members and National Coordinators have been very active in this initiative, and there are WSSCC WASH Coalition queues in Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Tanzania, Pakistan, Malawi, Madagascar, Liberia and Bulgaria, not to mention the numerous queues being hosted globally by other WSSCC partners and friends. Thanks to all for your continued support!

Now is the time to spread the word to those who may not know the importance of this event...Send the message to your professional networks, your friends and family, through Facebook and other social media, anywhere you can! Encourage people to join the online queue to show their support--it's free and easy!

We'll be working from our side supporting the queues, collaborating with partners, gaining media attention and of course, continuing to advocate, even after 22 March!

Good luck to all, and keep up the great work!

The WSSCC Advocacy Team

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Rene said...

Even in Estonia is queue. We got in TV and hope to get now around 100 people. I have talk with Estonian Greens and they are glad that they can help. We send tommorow press release templates, what i have made in to Estonia language.