Friday, 19 March 2010

Hectic planning and excitement

Shikha Shrestha
WaterAid Nepal

An inspiring note from Shikha who has been working tirelessly in Nepal on the campaign. And with its arrival comes excitement and last minute good news!

I used to think that I am the person who is never tired with responsibilities, do you also feel the same? It has been nearly 2 months of planning for the World Longest Toilet Queue. It is not only me, there were all of the team members of WaterAid in Nepal, partner agencies as well as other stakeholders engaged in the campaigning. For me, it was the first time, working so closely with variety of people and organizations, all having different working style and priorities. True, there was more need of balancing acts to deal with these diverse people and mindsets:) Sometimes you feel so excited that you forget all those tiredness and sometimes you are so frustrated that you just want to shut your mind and mouth:( All those mixed feelings were there while planning and moving ahead.

The World's Longest Toilet Queue is starting from tomorrow. We have finished all our planning and now the time has come to unfold those plans and dreams. The queue will be organized for all 3 days in Bhatbhateni Supermarket, the country's biggest supermarket. Credit goes to Ashutosh who always had a bigger dream for the campaign as well as good contact with friends like Anil Thaman who made our dream of organizing the queue in the supermarket become a reality by convincing the owner. The convincing skills of these two people is a great asset to our campaign!

Another attraction for tomorrow is the candle light vigil to be organized in memory of Jajarkot and adjacent districts where people died last year from a massive diarrohoea outbreak. The vigil will be coordinated by our NGOFUWS and Guthi, our active members who had been great mobilizer of youth volunteers.

Public Health Association is another stakeholder who is organizing mini queue in front of hospital as well as lobby programs in Local Development Office. These are activities planned for Sunday. The association had also agreed to bring students with their uniform to gather in the main event at Tudikhel.

Tudikhel event is major attraction where several of other organizations like Pashim Paila organizing photo exhibition of jajarkot, Yaatra organizing poster competition and live painting, Patan CBR organizing wall comic exhibition of disabled communities, wireless space sponsored by Worldlink are some extra activities in Tudikhel. Well, there will be space for writing letters to parliamentarians demanding their urgent actions. I forgot to mention about our musical programs. There are more and more. If I go on sharing it will definitely be a long story!

We have dreamed and planned these together but let's see how it all goes. If we succeed then it will be a success story, if not then it will be a good lesson so that we dare to be more ambitious next time:)

More stories and my reflections to come.......

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