Friday, 19 March 2010

Brilliant response from the far corners of the world!

Ceridwen Johnson - Communications Manager, FAN
Freshwater Action Network

This week, we’ve been contacting our members to find out what they’re planning. The response has been magnificent, with everyone showing lots of enthusiasm and telling us about incredible plans that will help make this event a real success.

FAN Nepal has been incredibly active, having arranged a whole week of different activities and meetings that will culminate with a Queue expected to have around 10,000 people present! FAN South America (FANAS) have chosen the V World Urban Forum to stage their mass mobilization so it’s bound to attract plenty of attention.

ANEW in Kenya are expecting 1,000 people in their queue in the notorious Kibera slums in Nairobi - the biggest slums in Africa. In India the Institute of Sustainable Development, Tamilnadu, are expecting over 500 people in their queue. They have organized a great day full of activities, involving all the local papers. Over in Kodaikanal, water activists are expecting around 150 people for a workshop on water, showing different presentations from water organizations to theatre groups, portraying the impact of water on development. It’s great to hear about young people getting involved too. Lok Prerna are expecting around 5,000 students from schools and colleges in the area.

In Spain the Soroptimist International Marina Baixa Group are preparing themselves for a great day having organised their queue in the local square. They have involved their council together with the support of politicians of the area and the media. They have designed their posters and banners and are preparing different press releases.

Unfortunately some organisations have also faced problems arranging their queues, especially in finding government permissions or getting the funds needed, being forced to cancel their involvement on the event. These issues have not stopped them from participating, as most organisations that can’t hold their own queues will be joining other ones in the area.

Happy World Water Day 2010!


Ceridwen Johnson
Communications Manager
Freshwater Action Network

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