Friday, 5 February 2010

Truly global action on World Water Day 2010

Serena O'Sullivan
End Water Poverty

A quick update on The World’s Longest Toilet Queue- an impressive, amazing and inspiring 42 countries are now taking part, with more joining up every day!

In Liberia, campaigners will queue for five days - each day the Queue will be in a different slum, with events concluding on World Water Day in a final joint event. Sitali - our contact there - is working hard to get this massive series of Queues off the ground - we wish him luck and lots of encouragement!

In London, there'll be a huge political focus - organisers are asking people to turn up in suits ahead of their Queue in Westminster at Parliament - details will be revealed.... In the meantime, you can RSVP to the event on facebook - it's taking place in the morning so people can attend before work and I hear whispers of free posh breakfasts for Queuers!

Burkina Faso will be an exciting location for the Queue - they're getting EVERYONE involved! National youth groups are organising petitions ahead of the Queue, disability organisations will be a large contingent of Queuers on the day and the Queue will be at the Palace! Good wishes towards all the organisers there - Aline, Yacouba - keep inspiring us!

That's just three of the hundreds of Queues already registered - in Guinea, Senegal, India, Bangladesh, France, Holland, USA, UK, Australia, Togo, Ghana amongst many others - thank you for taking part. We at End Water Poverty, FAN and WSSCC will be ensuring your voices are heard at the highest level so we can stop this crisis needlessly taking lives every day. Keep going, we can do it!

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