Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Whoever and wherever you are - get involved!

Serena O'Sullivan
End Water Poverty

The World’s Longest Toilet Queue is reaching all over the world – with 31 countries already registered to take part for World Water Day!

We’re hoping that everyone will be able to join in – no matter their age, gender, location, disability or nationality – it’s important we all stand in solidarity with the 2.5 billion still waiting in line for adequate sanitation and clean water. So seeing all the Queue registrations streaming in, I’ve been really happy to see lots of different groups getting involved. I thought it would be a good idea to share some ideas to make it easier for you to get involved – no matter who you are!

• Children can organise class Queues on World Water Day itself – it’s a Monday – start the week off with some activism, and perhaps morning assembly could be dedicated to educating children on the water and sanitation crisis? Find some excellent resources from WaterAid, Save the Children and UNICEF UK here.
• Activities in the Queue could be really creative – perhaps children could draw pictures of themselves and they could amass a picture petition?
• Invite local politicians and dignitaries to the school. It’ll be a great photo opportunity for them and children can pose questions on what they plan to do to stop the sanitation crisis.

• Could you do a flash-Queue and organise it through facebook? Just invite people to a location at a precise time – somewhere public – with just the instruction to line up in a Queue at the place at exactly the same time. Perhaps you could dance in your Queue – and video it and put it up on youtube!
• Ask your Student Union to get involved – they can help your message reach a wider audience.

• Workplaces are ideally placed to get involved – just ask your colleagues to join you for a quick 10 minute Queue at lunch time. Send an email round earlier in the day or pop a notice up on the office door.
• If you have a camera handy you could take pictures of people as they reach the front of your Queue?
• Don’t work in an office? Your event can be really exciting! Get the general public involved if you work in a public space!

Community groups and places of worship
• A great place to get people of all ages involved. If you have more time to Queue here, perhaps participants can write letters to their parliamentarians asking them to take action.
• Or write to the Head of State and ask them to support or attend the High-Level Meeting.
• You can publicise your Queue on noticeboards and bulletins, as well as online.

Got any other ideas for activities? Share them here, and remember to register your Queue so you can be part of the record attempt.

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