Thursday, 7 January 2010

Water and sanitation climbing the news schedules

1. A-list celebs organising 'The Summit on the Summit' - a climb of Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of water issues,
2. A water loving clown in space - with a live link in to Salma Hayek, Al Gore and a U2 concert
3. and the Golden Poo Awards getting Stephen Fry in a twitter

The great and the good are seemingly very interested in water and sanitation, and it's boosting campaigning and focus within the sector.

These crucial issues are climbing steadily and surely up the public, political and development agendas - just as we hope Jessica Biel and her fellow celebs will climb Mount Kilimanjaro in their ascent starting today!

Water and sanitation have long been the 'quiet' guys in the development gang, but they are finding their voice and an audience who are listening - check out Twitter for the hundreds of tweets on #waterwednesday about global water issues. (Perhaps we'll start #toilettuesday too?!)

What's further struck me is the prominence of high-profile supporters in these recent events - they all helped engage with new audiences. End Water Poverty will be soon involving high-level supporters in the hopes of reaching out to new campaigners, and also to further pressure decision makers and to help raise awareness of the global sanitation and water crisis. Get in touch if you think you can help.

You can also help us to spread the word by tweeting, blogging and writing about water and sanitation - and get involved with high-profile events like the World's Longest Toilet Queue on World Water Day 2010.

(You can also watch ONE Drop Foundation's webcast from space on water here for the next couple of months - it's a feat to behold!).

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