Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A look back at an amazing 2009 and forward to a very promising 2010

Steve Cockburn

International Campaign Coordinator
End Water Poverty

It’s January - so it’s the traditional time to have a quick look back at the year just gone, and look forward at what’s to come in the 12 months ahead.

2009 has seen the End Water Poverty campaign go from strength to strength, driven by the hard work of members and campaigners across the world. Whether by holding mass-candlelight vigils in Kathmandu or running toilet-seat petitions across Canada, we’ve made an impact that will see real gains for communities lacking access to water and sanitation:

We’ve grown as a campaign: scores of new members – national networks, grassroots organisations and INGOS – joined the campaign, taking us to a coalition of 161 in 49 countries, reaching more people than ever.

• We now have over 1 million supporters: over 100,000 actions were taken in 2009, taking us to that golden landmark of a mass movement.

• Our campaigning is seeing real success: loads more Governments are now supporting our efforts to establish a Global Framework for Action on Sanitation and Water – as a result up to 20 countries could benefit from enhanced support to get sanitation and water to people in 2010.

2010 will be bigger, more important, and – with your support - more successful. There are key change opportunities ahead, not least the first ever ‘High-Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water’ in April and the UN MDG Review Summit in September.

We’ll have campaigns to match. The period around World Water Day, 20-22 March, will see the biggest global campaign mobilisation for sanitation and water yet seen...

All over the world campaigners will hold creative events engaging the public, media and political figures to form The World’s Longest Toilet Queue. In scores of countries people will be standing in solidarity with the 2.5 billion still waiting in line for their right to a safe toilet, and queueing up to take action.
Thousands of people are already involved in this world-record breaking campaign action – are you? Make sure you get involved – your support is invaluable - so see the website and get in touch with Serena to discuss how.

We’ll also have plans for the UN meeting in September, will be recruiting famous names to champion our cause, and always be working with you to ensure that our campaign is stronger than ever.

Happy New Year!

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