Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Four days to change the world

End Water Poverty global campaigners have just got back to their respective towns, countries and continents after a very busy week in Ghana. It was brilliant - lively discussions and planning, sunshine and lots of Jollof rice!

We got together to discuss our successes, plans, strategies, direction and priorities over the next two years. It's amazing just how far the Global Framework for Action has come over the last year, and we're going to carry on campaigning to make it a complete success.

A key focus point in the near future is the Global Framework's first big step - the first High-Level Meeting on Water and Sanitation, being held in April 2010 in Washington DC. We'll be working hard to ensure key governments attend and take action to stop the crisis, including mass mobilisation across the world just a month later - The World's Longest Toilet Queue.

After that we'll be working with wider networks including GCAP to ensure the G8 and G20 make real progress, and then we'll have an opportunity to make change happen at the MDG Summit in September in New York. We'll also be working on water and sanitation as human rights.

It wasn't all looking forward into the future though, we took some time out to make a field visit to see the impact clean water and safe sanitation can have on a community - full blog report coming this week.

Here are some shots of the week - click through to find out more information about the pictures...and enjoy!

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