Tuesday, 17 November 2009

World’s Longest Toilet Queue – get involved!

Ceridwen Johnson - Communications Manager, FAN
Freshwater Action Network

FAN members across the world are working in very different contexts but facing similar challenges. Whilst they are working tirelessly to make governments more responsible and to ensure recognition and protection of the fundamental human right to water and sanitation of all people, 4,000 children are still dying every day from diarrhoea related diseases. This shocking statistic is entirely preventable.

I’m really excited about the World’s Longest Toilet queue as it’s a fantastic opportunity to take part in a global activity that unites all of our members in solidarity. Whilst taking part in this campaign action, groups can tailor their local or national activities to suit their own issues and demands to government around the water and sanitation crisis whilst knowing that others, all over the world, are doing something similar on exactly the same day.

This combined effort should increase pressure on policy-makers. As footage of the queues and news of lobbying activities is cascaded through word of mouth, newspapers, TV, radio, social networking sites like twitter and facebook and websites all over the world, it will be impossible to ignore the scale of the global crisis and the spotlight will be firmly focused decision-makers to take action to respond.

Success relies on community and NGO mobilization. So please do get involved!

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