Thursday, 24 September 2009

Expert recommends recognition of sanitation as a human right

Some great news from the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva just recently, with a statement from Catarina de Albuquerque (left), the Independent Expert on human rights obligations related to water and sanitation.

In her post for under a year, she was reporting to the Council on her findings from trips to Costa Rica and Egypt. She declared that she is 'convinced, now more than ever, that sanitation is a matter of human rights ...we are in the midst of a sanitation crisis.'

This statement is a historic recommendation that sanitation be recognised as a distinct human right. Groups such as End Water Poverty and the Freshwater Action Network have been pushing for the UN to recognise sanitation as a human right - after the successful push to recognise the Right to Water in 2002. Let's keep pushing these issues up the political agenda and achieve real change together.

Read her statement in full here. (thanks to Kolleen from the Freshwater Action Network for providing this).

Read WaterAid's paper 'Sanitation: A human rights imperative'

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