Monday, 6 July 2009

G8 2009: What have the Romans ever done for us ?

Welcome to my first post from a very sweaty Rome, where NGOs are gearing up at the G8 ‘Alternative Summit’, getting ready to try and hold G8 leaders to account.

Its wonderful and tragic to blog from Rome a few days before the 8 most powerful people in the world (David Beckham doesn’t count) gather to decide the fate of billions across the world.

Wonderful not just because of the outrageously stylish people buzzing around with ice creams and man-bags, but becuase if you are vaguely obsessed with sanitation and water facilities you get to wander round a city that brought water and sanitation to Europe.

Tragic though because as you see the ruins of aquaducts and sewers that served Romans around 2000 years ago, you realise how basic these things are, and how unconscienable it is that these could exist so long ago but are still denied to about 40% of the world’s population today.

This week I’ll be reporting back on the highs and lows of the G8 Summit and giving some quick analysis on the outcomes. I’ll also undoubtedly be making major spelling mistakes, poor puns, and unwittingly reinforcing insulting stereotpes. So please keep reading….

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